Today, December the 21st, is the shortest day of the year. It’s also the official start of Winter.

But is it really?

At lunch time, it’s 12 degrees in the shade (53 degrees F), The sky is almost perfect blue and the Sun is shining.

Without the leaves in the trees and the vine, our “mas” (old French farm) is close to naked … but brilliant !



The hills of the Luberon, which we can catch sight of behind Room “L”, but see much better from the orchard, calls us for some hiking.

Do we go or do we stay? We probably should, but it is so nice here that we decide to postpone our expedition to another time during the holidays.  After all, there will be plenty of opportunities in the coming days.


It’s Winter, but one of our cherry trees is impatient. It has decided to give us  some”green hope” that Spring will soon be here.


And by the pool, two red roses stubbornly believe that it is still Summer.


But it is Winter. Although, nothing to stress or panic. And Roméo has well understood it !


To all of you, we wish you a very nice and easy Winter, even if you are far from our Provence.

And don’t forget, days will get longer already from tomorrow onward !

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