That's it. Another Fall has gone... in total "provençal" beauty.

It all started with a pre-sunrise, a very pinky one.

After a coolish night, which had created some frost on the land, the Sun made it melt. As it was evaporating, a strange and funny veil covered our Luberon.

It created scenaries from another world, such as this orchard invaded by a sea fog... without the sea!

The "non-sea fog" vanished swiftly as the Sun kept rising.

The young olive trees couldn't wait longer to be warmed by the solar star.

The almost empty canal in "Winter rest", was a little frozen, but not enough for skating.

The water wheel is also forced to take a Winter rest!

It's time to return home and have a hot chocolate.

Come on Bruno, the leash await you.

Oups, a last little mark before heading home !

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