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Yes, it was about time !

Four years after settling in Provence, and after so many invitations to join the trekking group of our American friends and neighbors, we made it !

It’s Wednesday May the 24th. It will be (another) sunny and warm day in the Luberon. Our back packs are ready, full of water, sandwiches and … afew band-aid plaster, just in case !

It’s 08:20. Joan & Charlie ring the bell, we open the gate, they come in, grab a few sweet cherries in our orchard and … we should. No, we must go. Being late is totally out of question. Right Joan ? 🙂

There is no problem. Our “appointment” is at 09:00 and the Regalon creek (Gorges du RÉGALON), is just 6 miles away from Aux Secrets du Puits (The Secrets of the Well) our modest B&B. OK, not so modest !

Here we are, in the Creek’s parking place, well ahead of time.

Nat is in geat shape, as usual.

Charlie (no, not Bernie Sanders) prodly stands next to info map.

Let’s buckle up and …

…. go.

We first cross an olive tree field…

… and get to this famous creek. (BEWARE: In case of rain, this trekking is totally forbidden)

We will enter the path, one after another.

While it’s already warm “outside”, it’s nice and fresh in the creek.

A few trees are growing in a… strange way. Yes, let’s say “strange” !

Here is the 1st cavern… no bear inside !

Oups ! The 1st climbing challenge… among many others.

Half-a-mile higher, it’s time to make a short break at the Big Cavern. Still no bear inside !

A short break being a short break, after a 4-minute pause, we continue our walk and enter the forest.

Will we turn right ? Or will we turn right ? That is THE question !

MAYORQUES (strange spelling) ? No way. Spain is too far from here !

So, wisely, we decide to turn right, towards Saint-Phales and we take the “Font de l’Orme” path. (please, don’t ask about Saint-Phales, nobody has ever heard about that place !)

Despite our green rooftop, it’s really getting warm outside. Well, this is Provence, even at just 10:15 AM.

Here is a perfect spot for a real break, a generous 9-minute break. Enough to drink water, have a few abricots (thanks Eimi) and, for certain trekkers (me included), a sandwich.

It’s already time to resume our walk. Nine minutes fly so fast here !

We “fall” on a forest road, just above the creek. Faboulus scenes.

We are in the “garrigue” (goolgle it !). Left and right, or right and left, as you prefer, there thyme and rosemary. Yes, this is Provence !

A few flours survive the heat and dryness, here and there.

… including a lonely poppy !

I said dryness, although this Sprinng, we had a little more rain than usual. So, the Luberon greener, unsually greener.

Farther away, there is another strange thing.

Nat asks me: « Do you se what I see ? »

Me: « What do you see that I may also see ?

Nice answer, no ? 🙂

Nat: « There is this shape carved in the stony mountain. It looks like a man watching us”

Me: « Oh yes . I see him. Let’s call him the Regalon RockMan (not Rocket man) »

So, the RockMan he will be, for the rest of our walk.


And as we get closer, he really looks like if he was watching us !

Before getting to close to him and breaking our necks looking upward, we turn left and reenter the forest toward the creek again. Yes, we’ll have to “climb down” (English is sometimes a strange language. Strange to climb “down”).

Good, it’s fresh again as we reach the creek.

We see the same rock walls, tunnels, caves and caverns, but all these from a different perspective and in a new light.

Yes, there is some light if we look upward. Yes, it’s still sunny, very sunny. It’s Provence !

Oups ! There is a very big rock. Nat needs urgent help !

In a matter of a few seconds, help is there and the group is saved !

Everybody will be able to cross this new obstacle 🙂

Climbing “down” is not the most obvious thing to do. Climbing “up” was more easy.

All trekkers made it !

Last curiosity for the day, Joan hold a strange tree, unless it’s the other way around !

We’re out of the creek, crossing another olive tree field … and soon in the parking place.

This great 7 km walk (4 miles) is over. It’s time for a last picture. Our group of survivors, the Happy Regalon Trekkers !

Superb trekking.

Many, many thanks to Pierre, our guide of the day and the official chief of this trekking group.

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